Monday, September 28, 2009

After Typhoon-Ondoy-Caused Flood, Another Phenomenon Floods the Country

The effects of the wrath of typhoon Ondoy have been strewn all over the capital of the Philippines especially the eastern part of GMA, and in some other provinces like Bulacan and Rizal. The grim picture has been mirrored in the news on TV, the radio, and online, and in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and in many blogs.

One of these very useful and informative blogs is that by Manuel L. Quezon III. If you need information and updates regarding hotlines, donations, how to help, or if you want to announce your need for help, or if you have some useful information to announce, etc., please check out his blog by clicking this link How to Help

After typhoon Ondoy submerged many parts of the GMA in flood, many kind-hearted Filipinos flooded the dreadful tableau with selfless voluntarism and generosity, some of whom even heroically died in the process of helping others.
While a handful of Filipinos (I think they should be disowned by the Filipino nation) had acted insensitively by posting insensitive comments about the disaster, and taking opportunity at the expense of the victims for their personal gains (politicking, over-pricing(some taxi drivers), and stealing from flooded houses), a great number of Filipinos and companies selflessly extended help for the flash flood victims. Many in the GMA volunteered to help in the rescue, distributing and organizing relief goods, sharing their resources, skills, etc, while many in other provinces who were not affected sent relief goods and donations.

Typhoon Ondoy invoked the Filipino Bayanihan spirit which seem to be a scarce commodity these days. I hope that we, Filipinos, learn from this devastating event. And I hope that the Filipino Bayanihan spirit is alive not only during extreme tragedies like this, but in our everyday Pinoy lives.

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