Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mar of the Hour

Senator Manuel Roxas II is definitely the Man of the Hour for his gentlemanly act of vacating and offering the seat for presidential candidacy to his partymate Senator Benigno Aquino III. This is one move I had been waiting for from the other presidential wanna-be's preaching reform and change. Almost everyone is appreciative and full of praise for what Korina Sanchez's fiance' did, save for the negative and vague comment from Malacanang. Well, this unity is, afterall, intended to dismount this administration's pack of wolves'greedy grip to power.

For some reasons, I was a Mr. Palengke fan. But after months of seeing Mr. Palengke-transformed to Mr. Padyak TV ads everyday, he lost me as part of his voting market. But his recent move probably gained him my vote for his vice presidency.

However, one point running in my mind that keep on nagging me all day long is people's comment about his "sacrifice". In the first place, if the intentions of those running for president are really pure, it would already be a sacrifice to run for presidency, if indeed, the real intention is public service. But if it is just political ambition, and he stepped down from his candidacy to give it to Noynoy, now that is sacrifice. To give up his candidacy is not really that great a sacrifice.So the question is, was his intention to run only a personal political ambition considering that he sees his stepping down as a sacrifice? Or is the sacrifice he is referring to is the humongous cost of his premature politcal ads? I also hope that this sacrifice is beyond the sacrifice for the unity of the Liberal Party only, in the same manner that I wish opposition candidates would be selfless enough to forego their candidacy for the welfare of the Philippines and not just for their respective parties.

What would be a greater sacrifice, giving up a political ambition the realization of which is yet very uncertain? Or giving up a relatively serene political life after all his family had gone through in the previous years, cutting short the grieiving period for a lost beloved mother, and perhaps postponing a possible forthcoming tying the knot with a loved one?

If our presidential candidates see the Philippine presidency as a royal throne, then foregoing an opportunity to sit on it is ultimately a sacrifice. But if our presidential candidates see the Philippine Presidency as a humble public servant's workbench, then stepping down from candidacy would not be that huge a sacrifice.

Whatever their original intentions for running are, I hope that the other opposition candidates, especially those clamoring for reform, will set aside this desire to sit on the royal throne and selflessly roll out the red carpet for the one they think our country badly needs. Mar has already set the stage...

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